One of Britain’s Best….. Damien O’Brien

Damien O’Brien is a close-up magician and hypnotist who got started in magic at the age of 13 after a magician showed him a few tricks. He has spent most of his adult life performing magic for some of the most prestigious companies and biggest celebrities around the world . He has appeared on a bunch of TV shows including Penn & Teller Fool Us & The Awards Winning Killer Magic for BBC 3.

(Gaffguy) How did Killer Magic come about?

(Damien) Killer Magic came about after I auditioned for a show put on by Objective Productions. We had a meeting and I discussed some ideas with them. Not long after that meeting I received a phone call and the rest is history. I was asked to come back in and film a pilot episode for Killer Magic . After its success, I was offered a full-time commission with the show.

(Gaffguy) What was it like working with different Magicians?

(Damien) Working with other magicians was easier then I thought it would be. We all had different styles and approaches to magic, and I thought we would clash a little but that wasn’t the case. I rather enjoyed it as I was able to see another side of magic I had not seen before. It also opened my eyes to other material and pushed me to learn some new routines and effects. Also, it was a huge plus to have other magicians around to mess about with.

(Gaffguy) Congratulations on the Pizza Express commercial! How fun was that to film?

(Damien) The Pizza Express commercial was a bit of a challenge as the time to get prep done for it wasn’t long at enough. Luckily the camera team and staff listened to my directions for how it needed to look and it worked out great! I also had Tom Elderfield come in and consult on the project and he really helped make the tricks look as good as they did . Plus Tom loved all the free pizza he got.

(Gaffguy) Can you tell us about your new deck of cards coming out with Murphy’s Magic and your inspiration behind the design?

(Damien) Absolutely. The inspiration for the design was based on tattoos. Mandalas are a very popular tattoo that I have always liked. I use to work in a tattoo shop so I’m covered in them. This deck really does represent who I am.

(Gaffguy) When performing, do you have a strict set of effects you perform in a certain order?

(Damien) I do and I don’t lol. I usually know what I want to perform, but I do not have an order in which I perform them. The effects I perform are based on how the spectators are reacting. I always try to find the best-opening tricks to do something with, like a persons ring or phone. That way you are guaranteed to have their full attention.

(Gaffguy) What is on the horizon for Damien O’Brien?

(Damien) For me, I have a busy time ahead. I have a lot of projects I’m involved with and sadly can not comment on them lol. I can tell you that I am launching a joint endeavor with 3 other magicians called The Paper & Silver Co. We will be launching online soon. That has been a fun project so far to work on, I can not wait to see peoples reactions when the site goes live!

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