(Gaffguy) How long have you been doing magic professionally?

(Nathan) 17 years.

(Gaffguy) Which one of your effects stands out as your favorite and why?

(Nathan) My Joint to Donut effect. I think it was the first effect I created that had an opinion too. The effect happens as I talk about getting pulled over by the cops and I make a joint visually change into a delicious donut.

(Gaffguy) I see you are the editor of the new magic Magazine put out by Penguin Magic? How did that come about?

(Nathan) I’ve always wanted to put out a magic magazine like the Old Jinx. I kept trying to get people to help me and finally Penguin stepped up to the plate.

(Gaffguy) What style of magic do you perform the most?

(Nathan) Stand up comedy magic and mentalism.

(Gaffguy) We are starting to see exclusive magic releases going the way of the dinosaurs. What advice would you give someone that is thinking about releasing an effect or product?

(Nathan) Do it. But first, ask yourself WHY are you doing it?
Is it going to help the world? Make magicians better? VASTLY improve an existing effect? IS IT EVEN NEW??? With all the information and data available (especially ASK ALEXANDER) there is no reason to re-invent the wheel every 6 months.

(Gaffguy) With all you have going on, do you still have time to perform?

(Nathan) YES! I am a dad, I run Kranzo Magic and now doing the PENGUIN MAGIC MONTHLY. AND I do about 5-10 shows a month. I’m trying to go for quality, not quantity. Doing 300 shows a year is cool I guess. But it’s not a contest to see who can use the most flash paper. I also like seeing my kids and people I love.

(Gaffguy) Is there a group of magicians you hang around with?

(Nathan) I have a few well-trusted friends that I bounce ideas off of a lot. Aaron Fisher, Lee Asher, Jason Dean, Mike Skutt, Chris Korn and a few others. But they all live far away. Boooooo

(Gaffguy) What magicians influenced you growing up?

(Nathan) Paul Harris, Jay Sankey, Michael Ammar, Daryl, Jim Pavlica, Chad Long and David Williamson.

(Gaffguy) What’s your favorite band?

(Nathan) Right now Baroness. It changes often though. They rock. Just saw them live and they melted my face off.

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