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(Jeremy) I was a math/physics major in college, dropped out to run Borders Books, and when they went under, I went to work for the family Software company (which is now owned and operated by my twin brother and myself). I’ve been in Magic since I was 7 years old, so for about 26 years now, and I’ve focused on cards for 16 of those years.
(Gaffguy) Your new release is just killing the market right now. What is the B.C Shuffle?

(Jeremy) The BC Shuffle at its heart is a very controlled overhand shuffle. It’s designed to look natural, and to utilize the naturally occurring orientations of the cards as they get shuffled to keep track of and find different positions in the deck.

(Gaffguy) What does B.C stand for Jeremy?

(Jeremy) The “BC” stands for “Bread Crumbs”. It was based on the story of Hansel and Gretel, how they tried to keep themselves from getting lost in the woods by dropping little breadcrumbs behind them as they walked, so if they needed to find their way out, they could just turn around and follow the bread crumbs back. My overhand shuffle has a similar idea, when shuffling, I’m setting several briefs (or side jogs), preserving and manipulating them for later use to help me get back to particular parts of the original deck order, up to and including preserving the entire deck order I began with.
(Gaffguy) Right now you are one of the hottest magicians on Instagram with over 32 thousand followers. Why do you think that is?

(Jeremy) First off, thank you. Secondly, it was a lot of hard work and a lot of luck. When the Magic community on Instagram was just getting its feet under it about three years ago, I and a few of my friends (especially Allec Blanco, who got me started in the first place) got on there and started by interacting with each other, challenging each other. And then those challenges got picked up by other people around the world, and in turn, they challenged us back. Chris Ramsay is actually the person that started the trend, and then about 30 of us from around the world got really involved in it and it blew up from there.
(Gaffguy) Is there anything else in the works releasing soon?

(Jeremy) I have a project based on the magic opportunities for the YO flourish created by Lee Asher. And there are a couple projects that I am working on to help teach my particular style of card handling, as well as two decks of cards I’m trying to make a reality.
(Gaffguy) What magicians would you say had the biggest influence on you and why?

(Jeremy) I’m obsessed with original handling, so people like Bebel and David Malek, Ron Conley (not a magician) and Steve Forte, Yoann and Ackerman, Joe Barry and Garrett Thomas. The list could go for a while. But suffice it to say, I am most influenced by the thinkers who go to places I’d never even think to look, and then come back having created something beautiful.
(Gaffguy) Would you consider yourself a card mechanic or a magician… Or both?

(Jeremy) Well, as far as I’ve been taught, a Mechanic is someone who performs sleights within the context of an active game. It’s a pretty small subset of card handlers. Many of the best card men in the world would likely lose their nerve if they had to perform everything “under fire” in a live game to win. I consider myself a magician with an affinity for the sleights used by mechanics.
(Gaffguy) What is the one thing your fans and followers do not know about you?

(Jeremy) I love Magic, but I am far more intrigued by science, mathematics and theology. I have 10 times more books in my library than I do decks of cards, more books than I will ever get to, and only a small fraction of them have to do with magic. I was taught that everything affects everything else in some fashion. It’s my belief that the most fascinating people were rarely influence by only one field of study. My studies in Science and Theology affect my outlook on Magic, and vice versa. Learning to coalesce all of the ideas from disparate fields has left my mind weary but my face smiling.

(Gaffguy) What is your favorite meal and from where?

(Jeremy) I love the Chicken Crispers from Chili’s. If I achieve a goal, or feel like I’ve earned recognition in some way, that’s usually what you will find me munching on.

(Gaffguy) Mmmmmmm Chili’s baby back ribs.

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