How I got started Marketing my Magic.

What I am about to share with you is the bare bones of how I got started and grew so fast. I was searching the web for the next piece of magic I would buy and never perform because the ad copy was a lie, when I stumbled upon an ebook.

It was called Marketing Magic By Maxwell Murphy. I read the ad copy and watched the video and was slightly intrigued. So being the impulsive self preserving magician I am, I downloaded the ebook and forgot about it for a few months. About a month later I decided to launch my gaff company. I had already proved myself( or so I thought) after gaffing several Stripper decks for my local magic shop, so what would be so hard in dominating the world market with my gaff line. I really had no idea what I was doing or getting myself into. I started contacting magic shops all over North America and asking if they would want to carry my gaffed card and deck line. To my surprise most said yes, but they needed to see samples. Here I had sent out 30 emails and they all wanted free samples? Back then I was so naive and had no idea how this industry worked, so I almost took it as an insult. How dare they ask me for free samples…. didn’t they know who I was? Well, no they didn’t and for good reason. My only items that I had on the market were sitting on the shelves in a magic shop in Canada. I had no idea how or where to market my items. No one knew me because no one had heard of me. I needed that to change and fast. It was then that I realized I had purchased Marketing Magic a few months back. I searched for it on my Mac and started reading. I decided right then and there that if I did everything that was outlined in this book I would succeed. I then changed my game plan. Instead of chasing individual magic shops I would contact wholesalers. Instead of sending out lots of samples I only had to send out a few. I then started reading more chapters and making more headway in my field. I then got the chance to gaff some really big projects. Before I knew it, I as advising some really big names in magic on how to build their gaffs and the best way to manufacture them. I then put the books promise to the test on the promise of email support. I emailed Maxwell with a question I had and BOOM, he replied within the day. Finally, a product that fulfilled its promises.

After a few years had passed I decided to open up a retail site. Before I did, I dug out the ebook and brushed up on it. If it worked for my wholesale end of my business, why wouldn’t it work for my retail business? I slowly started treating my retail customers like my wholesale customers. I took Maxwells lead with fast email replies, and made sure all my customers were completely satisfied! I have since had to take my website offline until I was able to replenish stock, and now only offer my premium brand items to my mailing list. If you are looking to be a no-nonsense look into the world of releasing magic, make sure you pick up a copy of Marketing Magic By Maxwell Murphy. If you are interested in getting your hands on a copy of this great tool. Check it out HERE!


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