David Bonfadini…. Magic Prankster!

YouTube sensation David Bonfadini hails from Orange County California. You can catch Davids antics on his YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.

(Gaffguy) So for those who don’t know you. Would you classify yourself as a Magician or prankster?

(David) Technically I am an Actor that plays the part of a Magician and uses the Prankster style to deliver the wow factor.

(Gaffguy) What got you started in magic?

(David) When I was 6yrs old I saw a magician selling magic at the county fair and was hooked on how he could inspire the wonderment of magic and make people want to buy magic.
(Gaffguy) What do you have on the go now?

(David) I recently was invited to the 2016 Austin X Games to crash and prank the crowd and athletes.

(Gaffguy) Wow , that’s huge , congrats on the X games man!

(Gaffguy) Have you released any effects to the magic community?

(David) Yes, my first contribution to the magic community was Sharp This. A prank Sharpie that allows you to draw and make vanishes of a marker line.

(Gaffguy)What type of magic do you enjoy performing the most?

(David) Organic Street Magic seems the natural fit for me and my style.

(Gaffguy) For anyone wanting to build their youtube channel, what advice would you give them?

(David) Find your brand. Create a way to add value to your audience in an entertaining way. Create a consistent schedule. And embrace your critics.

(Gaffguy) Speaking of critics, how do you deal with the haters out there?

(David) Embrace them! If they are real haters then they will show their real colors so just be true to your Brand and your magic and always be ready to Perform!

(Gaffguy) What’s your favorite type of ice cream?

(David) Rocky Road, It sounds rough but tastes delicious!

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