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Patrick Kun… His Magic will leave you speechless!

Located in Las Vegas Nevada, Patrick Kun has become the driving force behind some of the biggest names in magic. We had the chance to ask Patrick a few questions about his success and on what’s to come in the near future.

(Gaffguy) Patrick, can you please give our readers a little background on yourself?

(Patrick) Sure, Jeremy. In the past 4 years, I have been largely involved in the magic communities from performing and creating a modern visual style of magic. I’ve consulted for David Copperfield, Cyril, Troy, Darcy Oake and more. Besides my magic career, I also have a graphic design degree from Iowa State University. Both are my passion and they have worked together quite nicely in my path.

(Gaffguy) Many people know you for your eye-popping magic. But you have also released a deck of cards called Mirage. Was it a different experience releasing a deck of cards as opposed to magic releases?

(Patrick) It’s definitely a different experience to release something physical that isn’t a magic DVD. It was my first step to creating a product, a product that even layman can appreciate. I can’t express how amazing it is to see my drawing becoming alive and seeing everyone using them! It was a good challenge to me to do this project because not only did I have to learn how to design playing cards, but I had to also learn how to film, market, do photography, and hopefully sell them.
I hope to do more projects like this as well and expand beyond just magic in the near future.

(Gaffguy) The Mirage Deck sold out pretty quickly. Are there any plans for a second print run?

(Patrick) Yes, the 2nd edition or Dawn edition is on the way. I just got the decks today and they turned out amazing! The color, the tuck case, everything. I can’t be happier about it. This deck is also marked. Shhhh…
I hope to release these by the end of this August! Can’t wait to share this with everyone.

(Gaffguy) What would you say some your main influences are in magic today?

(Patrick) A lot of my new material is being influenced a lot by TV and special effects. I always try to recreate magic to make it visual and modern. I love taking classic plots and apply them in a different way that everyone can understand. Before this, I used to focus so much on sleight of hands that I forgot about the impact on the audience. If you notice, my magic is a lot stronger and focused less on the method. Simplicity is the key.

(Gaffguy) Are you working on any new releases? If so care to give us a quick overview?

(Patrick) I have a new effect called Breach which is my bill split effect that you may have seen on my Instagram. It will be released through Penguin Magic soon. It’s probably one of the most visual and easiest effects I’ve ever created. You will love this.

(Gaffguy) Yes, I have seen Breach and can’t wait to purchase it. So visual!

(Gaffguy) It always makes me happy when I see you posting from different countries all over the world. Is that a byproduct of magic or do you just love to travel the world?

(Patrick) Most of my traveling is related to magic. Ever since I’ve been consulting for TV or performing, I get to travel from Asia to South America to Europe. Couldn’t ask for anything more. But I do enjoy traveling so it’s a win-win for me. I love meeting new people and experiencing new cultures.

(Gaffguy) Out of all of your magic releases, which one do you enjoy performing the most and why?

(Patrick) I would say my anniversary waltz effect called VOW. It should be released in the near future and is something I carry with me all the time. It has a great meaning, great visual, and leaves them with an impossible souvenir that they can remember you by. I love effects like this, that they can tell story after.

To find out more about Patricks up and coming releases please join his mailing list at

David Bonfadini…. Magic Prankster!

YouTube sensation David Bonfadini hails from Orange County California. You can catch Davids antics on his YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.

(Gaffguy) So for those who don’t know you. Would you classify yourself as a Magician or prankster?

(David) Technically I am an Actor that plays the part of a Magician and uses the Prankster style to deliver the wow factor.

(Gaffguy) What got you started in magic?

(David) When I was 6yrs old I saw a magician selling magic at the county fair and was hooked on how he could inspire the wonderment of magic and make people want to buy magic.
(Gaffguy) What do you have on the go now?

(David) I recently was invited to the 2016 Austin X Games to crash and prank the crowd and athletes.

(Gaffguy) Wow , that’s huge , congrats on the X games man!

(Gaffguy) Have you released any effects to the magic community?

(David) Yes, my first contribution to the magic community was Sharp This. A prank Sharpie that allows you to draw and make vanishes of a marker line.

(Gaffguy)What type of magic do you enjoy performing the most?

(David) Organic Street Magic seems the natural fit for me and my style.

(Gaffguy) For anyone wanting to build their youtube channel, what advice would you give them?

(David) Find your brand. Create a way to add value to your audience in an entertaining way. Create a consistent schedule. And embrace your critics.

(Gaffguy) Speaking of critics, how do you deal with the haters out there?

(David) Embrace them! If they are real haters then they will show their real colors so just be true to your Brand and your magic and always be ready to Perform!

(Gaffguy) What’s your favorite type of ice cream?

(David) Rocky Road, It sounds rough but tastes delicious!

Kevin Reylek. One of the driving forces behind Penguin Magic Playing Cards.

(Gaffguy) For those of you who don’t know you, Kevin, can you just give our readers a little background on yourself?

(Kevin) I was born and raised in North Carolina. I got started in magic at age 8 when my grandmother gave me a Mark Wilson instructional VHS tape for Christmas. I went to the North Carolina School of the Arts, School of Filmmaking where I was a screenwriting major. After college, I moved to New York, which is where I finally decided to merge my interests in magic and filmmaking and began producing magic videos and decks of cards.

(Gaffguy) How did you go about choosing what deck to launch first?

(Kevin) The Honeybee deck was the first deck Penguin came out of the gate with. For years, I had the idea in my head that a Bee-style deck with a Honeycomb back pattern would look fantastic. When I came to Penguin, it was one of a handful of ideas that I knew I wanted to tackle. I’ve known and worked with Randy Butterfield for years, and when I told him about the idea he got really excited. It felt like a great way to do a customized nod to a classic deck and to let the world know that Penguin was entering the deck game in a serious way

(Gaffguy) What is your thought process when deciding on a theme or design of a deck?

(Kevin) It really varies from deck to deck. Sometimes we start with a really well-defined theme and direction with ultra-specific notes and examples. Other times a deck comes to us nearly completed. Sometimes we find an artist who we know is incredible, and we just want to work with them. We see if there’s a particular theme or design element that they want to explore with a deck. Each project really takes on a life and personality of its own. Sometimes they turn out exactly as you originally envision them, sometimes they take twists and turns and the end results is better than we initially imagined.

(Gaffguy) How many decks have been produced by Penguin Magic?

(Kevin) As of the time of this interview, we have released 5 decks: Honeybee, Christmas, White Tally-Ho in Fan and Circle, and Westminster. We have over a dozen more currently in our pipeline with new projects being added all the time.

(Gaffguy) Can you give our readers any insight on future release or collaborations?

(Kevin) Our next release will be a Black edition of the Honeybees, that look absolutely spectacular. We are also working on some great ideas with artists who are unknown in the magic and playing card communities. We also do have a project in the works with the incredible Mark Stutzman, designer of David Blaine’s Split Spades, that we are incredibly excited about.

(Gaffguy) Any advice you’d give to an aspiring deck designer?

(Kevin) Really learn about art, as well as playing cards. Don’t just study the particular style and mediums that interest you – learn about everything. Worry about software LAST. I see a lot of folks ask “What software do I need to make a great deck?” The truth is that software is the least important element of the design. A talented artist can do incredible things with a crayon and a napkin. Nobody asks an architect what brand of hammer he used to build a house.

Learn about the history and conventions are playing cards. Learn what’s traditional, and then you can make better choices about what to keep in sort of a classic manner, and when to flip things on their head.

If you would like to see some of Penguin Magics playing cards please head on over to Penguin Magic